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This is my first time looking into hiring a videographer and I'm lost! Everyone offers something different and I don't know terms like "Highlight Reel" or "Raw Footage". Is there anyway you can help break it down for me?

Absolutely! We completely understand how easy it is to get lost in all of the commotion that wedding planning can bring. That's why we choose to break it down into 3 separate packages. We want the process of choosing a package to be quick and painless. We want you to be sure that with no matter which package you may end up choosing with Danielson Cinema that you will be certain to have piece of mind when the big day arrives.




The Standard package is our most common package sold! A lot of couples love this package because it's just the right length to share with your friends and family. With the Standard Package, you will receive 10 hours of coverage with 2 videographers and 3 cameras (1 stationary). This will have coverage of both the ceremony and reception. The highlight reel comes in at around 3-4 minutes in length, uploaded to vimeo in 4K resolution. You will also receive the highlight reel, full ceremony, and reception highlights delivered as an "online bluray" via MediaZilla. 

  • 10 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Videographers
  • 3-4 Minute Highlight Reel
  • RAW Ceremony Edit
  • RAW Reception Edit
  • Drone Footage


Looking for something a little more in depth and emotionally charged? Then take a look at our Deluxe package. This package includes 12 hours of coverage with 2 videographers, 4 cameras (1 stationary), and drone footage. John Danielson will be the exclusive videographer at this event.  The highlight reel for this package will be around 5-7 minutes in length due to more cameras being used and more time shooting during the day. With this package, you are insuring that a shot is not missed. The highlight reel will be uploaded to vimeo in 4K resolution. You will also receive the highlight reel, full ceremony, and reception highlights delivered as an "online bluray" via MediaZilla.

  • 12 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Videographers
  • 5-7 Minute highlight reel
  • RAW Ceremony Edit
  • RAW Reception Edit
  • Drone Footage


Now, some couples choose the Premium package because they want as much detail included in their day as possible. We want more people telling the story, we sometimes decide to interview you or your family, and we generally spend a little more time on the wedding day to get it right. This package will include 2-3 videographers, 4 cameras (1-2 stationary) and drone footage. John Danielson will be the exclusive videographer at this event. The highlight reel for this package will range from 8 - 12 minutes in length. This package is especially beneficial for those who are planning for a destination wedding. 

  • 16 Hours of Coverage
  • 2-3 Videographers
  • 8-12 Minute Short Film
  • 3-5 Minute Highlight Reel
  • RAW Ceremony Edit
  • RAW Reception Edit
  • Drone Footage
  • *complimentary rehearsal dinner coverage for destination wedding* ($750 value)


Is there any way we could receive ALL of the footage that you shot of our wedding?

Yes! You have the option to purchase the RAW footage up to a year after the wedding. We typically come home with around 4-6 hours of footage, so for those who want to see everything, the option is there. Raw footage delivery goes for $500.


Do you offer Instagram Video?

Instagram is one of the most common things we get requests for! We have started producing 60 second versions of your highlight film for Instagram just this year. They are $300 up-charge, but what a cool way to share your video!


I've seen these cool slow motion booths set up at the reception at a previous wedding I attended. Would you by chance offer that?

Yes! Slow motion booths are such a cool way to get your friends and family involved at the reception! We will have an assistant arrive at the reception early to get the lights, camera, and props set up. It is $275/hr for a minimum of 3 hours. There will be an additional edit included of all of the slow motion footage. Sometimes the clips even tie-in well with the highlight reel!


We were looking to get a little creative and give our guests something more to remind them to save the date. Is there anyway you could help us?

Absolutely! We can help tell your story and dive deeper into how you both fell in love. We coin these "Love Story" edits or "Save the Date" edits. It's a fun and creative way to remind your friends and family about the big day and how much your love means to one another. These edits go for $500 with 3 hours of shooting coverage.


I think I may need an extra hour or two to cover my whole day, how much do you charge for extra hours of coverage?

We charge a flat rate of $200/hr per additional hour of coverage needed.


How do I receive my video and how long does it take?

One word... MediaZilla. We love it, and so will you. As we all know, physical media is dead (R.I.P. Blockbuster) and everybody is streaming everything... everywhere... whenever they want. So in order for us to keep up with the times we decided that MediaZilla gives the answer. It has bridged the gap between the physical media world and the online content world without sacrificing functionality or quality. In addition, using MediaZilla to store your media library in the cloud is the best way to keep it safe for generations to come as physical media quickly deteriorates and is easily lost or damaged. Essentially it is an online Bluray disc which can be viewed across all of your devices. Imagine it as a private Netflix for your wedding video. Your content will play back seamlessly across your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android, etc. The standalone Apple TV app is in beta and should be released sometime this year! So gone are the days where you'd be restricted to the number of DVD's you'd purchase from us. Simply share your MediaZilla link and provide your family with your password and they are INSTANTLY watching it. This ensures that the quality is retained and we are able to deliver your content to you faster than we ever have before. As always, if physical media needs to be created we offer DVD's, Blurays, and flash drives of your content.


Will you shoot the rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely, Rehearsal dinner coverage is $750.  We love shooting rehearsals because we get some extra insight into your relationship, your friends, and your family. The toasts are usually much more laid back and we get some great content. If we cover the rehearsal dinner for you, we will provide an additional "long-form" video with all of the speeches.


Who is this "we" you keep referring to?

I have small team of freelance shooters and editors that I use to keep things on track. 


Are there any discounts offered?

We do offer discounts for cash payment and for veterans. We can discuss your options more whenever you decide to book us.


What's next?

The next step is to head on over to my CONTACT page, select your desired package, and give me a little bit of detail about you and your wedding! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!